Pre-Primary Wing : Nursery — UKG

    The best way to prepare children for their adult life is to give them what they need as children specially early years. For this we believe that at school PLAY is the key factor which nurtures spontaneity , socialization, creativity , self confidence , communication , awareness , thinking , making choices and joyful learning in the child .The structure of early years curriculum is therefore thematic . Developmentally appropriate themes like Birds and Insects, Inventions and Machines, Celebrations, It’s thinking Time, How are you? Holes and Wheels lend appropriately to play centered experiences nurturing self-exploration, experimentation and enquiry in the preschooler.

    Many other playway methods like Pretend Play Dramatic Play Sand and Water Play Block Play Free Play Experimental Play Creative Play Clay Play Table top play Small world play Imaginative Play Construction Play ( Pls show them as POP UPS ) add to the fun.

    Eclectic activities like circle time , brain gym , play room sessions, nature walks, edutrips , storytelling , creative art and craft activities , messy work , show and tell , reading corner , interest table , fun games , Edusports , theme corners , number stories , sound stories, junk modeling , interactive Jolly Phonic English language learning etc . aim at the wholesome development of the tiny tot.

    The teaching of reading is an essential area of development for children and a combination of phonics (where students learn the names of letters and the sounds they make, using them to blend letters together to develop words) and the Look and Say approach (where students learn to recognise whole words or sentences) are used simultaneously to enhance reading skills.

    Progression in learning in these fundamental years is critical to child’s growth and development .To achieve this goal the academic year for early years is divided into three terms .In each term the Learner’s Progress Profile is based on the continual observation of each child with professional judgment based on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation approach as per CBSE .